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Patient Testimonials

Lake Norman Orthopedic Spine Specialists

As board-certified orthopedic spine specialists, Dr. Garrido and Dr. Wood treat simple to complex spinal problems using the most advanced diagnostic and treatment tools available.

Together our surgeons form a dynamic team delivering the highest quality care in the Mooresville and Charlotte area.

As testament to the level of care and expertise provided by Lake Norman Orthopedic Spine Center, please see the success stories below from actual patients.

Superior Care with Stress-free Process

Provider: Dr. Ben Garrido
Date of Service: 04/17/2014

I want to thank Dr. Garrido and his amazing staff for the superior care that I received. From my first visit to my post-operative care everyone there turned what should have been a trying time into a relaxed and stress free process. Dr. Garrido will always be the one I refer my friends, family, and even strangers to.

- LS


I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else for spine care

Provider: Dr. Garrido
Date of service: 03/27/2014

Dr. Garrido has performed two cervical fusions on me in the past 12 months. I had been in severe pain for almost two years, and had been told by other spine doctors that there was nothing that could be done for me, other than pain management.

Dr. Garrido took the time to point out the obvious problems on my X-rays and MRI, and the surgery that he perfomed immediately eliminated my pain. The office staff, surgical team, and Dr. Garrido have been extremely kind, caring, and efficient. I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else for spine care.


Dr. Garrido fixed the problem, not just managed the pain

Doctor: Garrido
Date of service: 03/14/2014

I heartily recommend Dr. Ben Garrido as an exceptionally skilled spine surgeon. After suffering intermittent, low back pain for 20 plus years, I had consulted with several physicians, orthopedists, chiropractors, and physical therapists, seeking relief without positive results.

Three years ago, I began experiencing crippling sciatica from which I was desperate for relief. After 2 years of injections, oral medications (without results), and being told to “do anything I could to avoid surgery, I met Dr. Garrido. He walked right into the examination room with “you do not have a pain management issue. You have a surgical issue!” He was absolutely correct!

Two weeks later I had lumbar spinal surgery consisting of multiple repairs and cyst removal. That afternoon I stood up, walked, and shouted with joy because I was finally pain free. I am still pain free 3 months later and thankful for a new lease on life.

I am grateful for the expertise of Dr. Garrido and the phenomenal equipment of Lake Norman Orthopedic Spine Center. Most of all I am thankful for Dr. Garrido’s willing determination and skill to fix the problems and not just attempt to manage the pain.

- JD


Instant relief!

Doctor: Garrido
Date of service: 01/31/2014

I had a condition in my lower back known as stenosis. Over the past few years I have had several injections, and I have participated in Physical therapy sessions. My latest episode was mid November 2013, and the shots did not help. I was also experiencing severe pain in my leg from a pinched sciatic nerve.

Dr. Garrido performed surgery and I had instant relief. The surgery was smooth, and the only pain I had following the procedure was soreness at the incision site. I didn’t even use any pain medication. Since then, I have completely discontinued all of my arthritis medications. I am very pleased with Dr. Garrido and his staff. My recovery is remarkable!

- MC


Now I can stand up straight and walk

Provider: Dr. Garrido
Date of service: 01/08/2014

Before going to Dr. Garrido, I thought that there was no way i would ever feel better. Now, two months after surgery, I can stand up straight and walk. I thank God and Dr. Garrido every day. My doctor and his staff have been wonderful. They do great work!

- LW


Pain Free after Surgery

Doctor: Dr. Ben Garrido
Date of Service: 04/17/2014

Prior to surgery, I had pain in my right hip radiating to my toes. My leg would give out and I would fall. After my MRI Dr. Garrido set me up for surgery. The night after surgery the pain in my hip was GONE! I also had no pain in my leg or my toes either. I had a very quick recovery time and through this Dr. Garrido and his staff have been wonderful.

- SD


Dr. Garrido gave me my life back!

Provider: Dr. Garrido
Date of Service: 05/21/2014

I just want to thank Dr. Garrido for giving me my life back! I have struggled for twelve years with my back pain, countless injections, four doctors, and two surgeries. Yet, there was no difference in my condition. All I kept hearing was fusion… you have no other options. I did not want to go that direction and was released from my last doctor (I won’t mention names but they are one of the largest in Charlotte). I discussed the situation with my general physician and he knew of Dr. Garrido and had nothing but good things to say. I admit when my wife and I met him, I was highly skeptical just to hear the words “I can help you”. These words have been said by many and never come to fruition. Your treatment did help me though. I had forgotten what it was like not to have pain! I am now on my third week of recovery, and the pain has subsided. You have given me the quality of life that I never thought I would have again. It seems small and inadequate just to say thank you, but THANK YOU!



Dr. Garrido and his staff are kind, welcoming and truly care for their patients' health

Provider: Dr. Garrido

I had been in constant pain which had been progressing in intensity for over 3 years. Other doctors had said that my condition was not severe enough for surgery. My daily pain was debilitating and drastically affecting my quality of life. Thankfully, a friend referred me to Dr. Garrido. He did an MRI and X-rays and immediately pointed out the problem area in my spine. My vertebra had collapsed and was pressing on a nerve. He performed surgery and my severe pain instantly disappeared. After just a few short weeks of healing I was able to return to my regular routine without any pain. Dr. Garrido and his entire staff have been a true blessing for me. They are kind, welcoming, and truly care for their patients' health.



Without Dr. Garrido, I would not be able to walk.

Provider: Dr. Ben Garrido
Date of Service: 04/01/2014

Dr. Garrido at Lake Norman Orthopedic Spine Center is one of the best doctors I know. He really cares for his patients. His staff treats you like family, and always makes you feel welcome. Without Dr. Garrido, I would not be able to walk. Thank you to LNOSC and all of the staff there.



Outstanding bedside manner

Provider: Dr. Garrido
Date of Service: 05/19/2014

At my first visit my pain level was at a 10. Dr. Garrido operated on me, removed what was pressing on my nerve, and now I am PAIN FREE! He is a great doctor with outstanding bedside manner, and his staff is exceptional. I am very pleased with my experience.



Dr. Garrido makes it a goal to bring his patients total relief.

Provider: Dr. Garrido
Date of Service: 03/11/2014

Before I was coming to see Dr. Garrido, my lower back pain was unbearable. I was quickly diagnosed, and scheduled for surgery. Immediately following my surgery, I had total relief from a fragmented disc. I was nervous initially because I did not know Dr. Garrido, but he made me and my family feel comfortable and relaxed. I would recommend this doctor. He understands and makes it a goal to bring us, his patients, total relief.



Relief from the Worst Pain in My Life

Provider: Dr. Garrido

It has now been two days without the excruciating pain in my left buttock and thigh, and I am in the clouds!! That had to be the worst pain in my life; even the lumbar stenosis I had in 2004 was not that bad. When the pain would hit me, it completely disabled me, making it pure agony to stand or walk.

Thank you for taking time to diagnose me properly so that one surgery was enough. Your analytical skills and dexterity certainly helped me regain my life, and in just an hour! I can't thank you enough for everything you did for me.

You and your staff were absolutely outstanding. I could not have asked for better care or more attention!! Thank you for being there and for all you have done for me.

- RH


Compassion and Respect from Caring and Professional Staff

Provider: Dr. Garrido

I was treated with compassion and respect by the physicians and staff. I have never been treated with such caring and professional people in my life. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Garrido and Dr. Wood to everyone I know. Thank you with all my heart.

- NG


You Cannot Imagine the Impact You Have Had on Our Lives

Provider: Dr. Garrido

You cannot imagine the impact you have had on our lives. We appreciate your skill, we appreciate your profession, but most of all we appreciate your genuine care and concern. Thank you so very much.

- LS


I am Looking Forward to Many More Years of Living My Life Pain Free Thanks to Dr. Garrido.

Provider: Dr. Garrido
Date of service: 09/06/2013

I could barely stand or walk, and I was very close to having to quit working. Then, I had a spinal fusion surgery by Dr. Garrido in September. Now, after surgery, I can walk all I want. I can work with out pain, and I am looking forward to many more years of living my life pain free thanks to Dr. Garrido. I cannot thank him enough for improving my life!

- AM


Your Caring Attitude Helps So Much

Provider: Dr. Garrido
Date of Service: 5/22/2014

Testimonial: Thank you very much for taking care of my mother, and by extension my father…my husband is a physician as well, and I know how difficult your job is. Seeing people when they are in pain, ill, and stressed out is not always fun, but you handle it well and your caring attitude helps so much. Thanks again. I appreciate you very much!

- MR


100% Recommendation

Provider: Dr. Ben Garrido
Date of Service: 06/12/2014

My back surgery went extremely well. Dr. Garrido explained the entire procedure, answered all of my questions, and did exactly what he said he would. I am very grateful for the service that I received, and how healthy I am now. I 100% recommend Dr. Garrido to any patient needing back surgery.



Feeling better than ever!

Provider: Dr. Garrido
Date of Service: 07/14/2014

Testimonial: Dr. Garrido has been very nice. When I first started coming to see him, I could barely walk. Now, after only a 45-minute surgery, I am feeling better than ever!


I feel like I have been reborn

Provider: Ben Garrido
Date of Service: 08/06/2014

Testimonial: After seeing Dr. Garrido, I feel like I have been reborn again. I have feeling in my feet, toes, and legs again, and every day I am getting better.


Thank you for your healing hands, Dr. Garrido!

Provider: Ben Garrido
Date of Service: 07/09/2014

Testimonial: Over 40 years ago I had a water skiing accident that injured my back. Since then, I have had complications ranging from mild back aches to debilitating nerve pinching and pain that would contort my posture. I tried therapy, pain management, and chiropractic care over the years. They all helped some, but none have lasted. Thanks to the surgical procedure performed by Dr. Garrido, I no longer have a pinched nerve due to a herniated disc. I went in for surgery and went home the same day. I am now six weeks post op and I have had NO PAIN! Thank you for your healing hands, Dr. Garrido!


I would recommend Dr. G. to anyone!

Provider: Ben Garrido
Date of Service: 08/28/2014

Testimonial: When I came in to see Dr. Garrido, initially, I had been battling a herniated disc, along with degeneration. No amount of pain medication had helped. After a few tests, I decided to go with the surgical option, and I am glad that I did. I now have very minimal discomfort, which is improving and decreasing by the day. I would recommend Dr. G. to anyone!


Dr. G. discovered the real problem

Provider: Ben Garrido
Date of Service: 08/2014

Testimonial: After two months of headaches, I saw Dr. Garrido. He did X-rays and referred me for an MRI. The headaches were due to advanced arthritic damage. I was referred to an anesthesiologist who gave me an injection at the site of the problem. As soon as I awakened from sedation, I was HEADACHE FREE! It has been three weeks and I am so grateful that Dr. G. discovered the real problem. I just could not continue on with the daily pain. He knew the problem and used the LEAST INVASIVE method to help me. Thank you Dr. Garrido!